Do you have problems with the Chinese manufacturers?
Can’t you decide wich company you can trust?
Do you have problem with the ordered product?
We help you to manage your import – export businesses!

We search for the best manufacturer, manage the forwarding and custom clearance, until the products arrive to your store.

Throught our connections all over the world, we help you to choose the product with the best price and quality.

Our own tested products are also a garantee for you.
With good conditions, without hidden costs!

If you entrust us:

  • You can be sure that the founded company is that it says itself is.

  • You can know whether the Chinese company’s English webpage’s information is valid or not.

  • You can know whether the manufacturer or the product has been tested or not.

  • You can be sure whether the Chinese company exist or not.

  • We garantee our contract which protect your and our company’s interest and has been countersigned by expert lawyers.

  • We garantee that the container will contain the product you ordered.

  • If you need, we can look for a law expert who knows China.

  • We provide a native language level interpreter for your negotiation.

  • You can be sure that the texts need to be translate is handled confidentially.